Chinese actor Bao Beier (31) holds a wedding with wife Bao Wenjing (28) in Bali on 30 Mar 2016. They couple registered their marriage in 2013 and is formalising their relationship through the wedding. They actually already have a young daughter together. Bao Wenjing is a chinese host and actress.


  During the wedding, Ada Liu Yan happened to be one of the bridesmaids. The groomsmen (Wong Cholam, Han Geng, and friends) got so carried away and tried to dunk her into a swimming pool nearby. But they were eventually blocked by Liu Yan’s heavy weight friend, also one of the bridesmaids for the day.


  Many netizens voiced their objection at the way Liu Yan was almost dragged into the pool while Liu Yan herself thinks that it was all harmless fun. 1st, Liu Yan to issue Twitter video response to this matter. Says there is no first time stand up and clarify the situation, and Beier Bao couple brings lots of frustration, regret.


  In the video, Liu Yan speech sincere, said of emotional tears, “each of our guests is a good friend of Beier Bao, nobody want to see things like this, especially me.” Also said because she didn’t have the first time to explain things, Beier Bao and his wife apologized and members of the wedding caused a lot trouble.

  高雄婚紗中的柳喦句句感情真,眼眶裏噙高雄婚紗水,她道:“在的每位客都是高雄婚紗的好朋友,我都不希望事情展到如今的地步。”同,柳喦高雄婚紗自己有第一高雄婚紗站出高雄婚紗,越南新娘 #黃曉明baby1008大婚#[喜]喜帖曝光啦!_新浪,包高雄婚紗伕以及婚禮伴郎成造成了很大的麻而道歉。

  For this, users have a message saying, “Goddess of love”, “you are right, you should be protected”, “I really think you don’t have to apologise."


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